Archaeological Sites

02/04/2007 15:38  -  13609 views

Scattered around the region of Sitia, you can find important archaeological sites, remains of the Minoan civilization which has flourished here. Sites such as the Minoan Palace of Zakros, the Minoan settlement of Mochlos, the site of Itanos and Palecastro are in close proximity speaking about an history and a civilization that has left its marks not only in the landscape but also in the way of life and the hearts of the Sitian people.

You can also find spacious villas of a later period which belonged to the powerful local landlords. They are built on the outskirts of the villages in various architectural styles, simple and ornate, and often imitate the structure of palaces. Behind these appearances of grandeur however, it can be seen that these houses were essentially designed as farm buildings. Such villas have been discovered at Piskokefalo, Achladia, Zou, Makrigialo,Ano Zakros, Azokeramo, Agios Georgios and elsewhere.