Cretan diet

30/03/2007 15:59  -  15237 views

Only local ingredients are used in Sitian cuisine - the pure olive oil, grains, pulses, honey and wine that form the staple diet of Crete - ingredients that are produced in gardens and on hill-sides, lovingly tended using ancient farming practices.

Sitian cooking can be sampled in any one of the seafront taverns or why not try a traditional village kafeneion high up a mountain ? Discover the rhythm of a Mediterranean lifestyle over a leisurely meal, carefully prepared with imagination, using only the freshest of ingredients. Clink a glass of Sitian wine with Dionysos himself and be transported back into another time !

Sitia Olive Oil is internationally renowned and has received many awards. It is made from the finest olives and pressed using traditional methods. The Sitia Farming Co-operative then processes the oil, using state of the art equipment, and markets it all over the world. It is particularly admired for its velvety texture.

Sitia wine is produced from a selection of fine grapes from the best vineyards. The Sitian wine "Topikos" is made using traditional methods resulting in an exceptional taste and wonderful colour.