Cultural Events

12/04/2007 14:58  -  9395 views
  1. Festival of Agia Ekaterini

    Religious festival in honour of the patron saint of Sitia (St. Catherine) on 25 Nov. A road race around Sitia is traditionally organized after the event.

  2. Corn Festival

    A new event which takes place in June in the central square of Piskokefalo. It includes concerts of music.

  3. "Despolo" Festival

    Takes place in the central square of Tourloti in June. It includes concerts of music.

  4. Maritime Week

    Organized every two years in the last week of June. It includes boat racing and concerts of music and dance.

  5. Festival of Mirsini

    Includes concerts by well known singers. Takes place in the village of Mirsini at the end of July.

  6. Sitia Carnival

    Organized by Sitia Council every year on the last Sunday of Carnival. Schools, clubs and societies all take part.

  7. Kornaria

    Cultural festival from the beginning of July until mid August. Events include concerts of music, dance and theatre, exhibitions of fine art and photography, talks and sports events (eg. "Kornarios " road race, beach volley competition). More...

  8. Κlidonas

    The "Klidonas" takes place every year on the 24th June in the villages and is one of the oldest festivals. More...