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Extremely ancient settlement 17 kms from Sitia. The old city was spread over three hills and was the capital of the country of Presos which covered a large part of the region. It was built by the Heteocretans in the 12th century BC. Presos became embroiled in conflict first with Itanos and then with Ierapetra who destroyed it completely in the war of 145BC The region of Presos has been inhabited from Neolithic times up to the present day and each era has left its mark. Traces of Neolithic habitation, including Neolithic vases, have been found in the cave at Skales. Minoan remains can be seen scattered around the area. Two significant domed tombs have also been found, unfortunately looted. To the west of the first tomb a whole cemetery was excavated in which it would appear that all burials took place from the founding of the town to its destruction. Many tablets were also found bearing inscriptions in Heteocretan script as well as altars and many other ancient and sacred artefacts. After its destruction the town was never rebuilt.