Municipality of Sitia TV spot

14/10/2015 10:10  -  1814 views

With enthusiasm, journalists, collective representatives and the public, the two video spots and the TV spot of the Sitia District, were presented at an event on Saturday, October 10, at the meeting room of the City Council of Sitia.

The video and TV spot are produced by the Sitia Development Organization SA. OTA, in cooperation with INDIGO VIEW PRODUCTIONS Ltd. And the artistic supervision of the well-known Cretan director Thodoris Papadoulakis and are part of the tourist promotion activities of the Sitia District entitled "Sitia, discover the authentic Crete".

The event was organized by the Development Agency of Sitia and the Municipality of Sitia.

Some of the most recognizable travel bloggers in Greece, an Athenian print and electronic media journalist and journalists from the local media, attended.

Also attended were Sato Mayor Thodoris Paterakis, Lasithi Antiperspirant Pelagia Petrakis, and the representative of INDIGO VIEW PRODUCTIONS EPE. And a close collaborator of the director Thodoris Papadoulakis, Dimitris Xenakis.

In his placement, the Mayor of Sitia thanked the Region of Crete for financing the production of the projection material from the Special Development Program Crete-Green Development and stressed the importance of the above means for the tourist visibility of the District, the ways of their utilization and stated that they fit In a comprehensive tourist projection plan of the Sitia District.

The address was addressed by the Deputy Governor of Lassithi, said he was thrilled by the high quality of the videos, and he particularly stressed the efforts of the Region of Crete for the tourist visibility of the island as a whole.

The representative of INDIGO VIEW PRODUCTIONS Ltd. Made special reference to the sights of Sitia and explained in detail the idea, the way of work, and the scenario of each video, depending on the markets and age groups it targets.

There followed questions and a fruitful dialogue with the attendees.

The invited journalists hosted and traveled to the city of Sitia and the areas of Vai, Toplou, Erimoupolis and Richti Gorge, the President and Vice President of the Union of Sitia Hotels Association and tasted the local traditional cuisine of our region.

The following videos and video spots are free to use on the internet




The project "Production of VIDEOS and DVD" was implemented and funded under the program: "Promotion - Publicity of a Special Development Program Crete-Green Development" of the Region of Crete.